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Delivery Trucks, Product Knowledge, and Experience - Helping our Customers Meet their Project Needs. 
Cut To Length Electrical Wire

While the other guys charge cut fees, we are still living in the past where customer service and customer satisfaction are a top priority.   Come visit the wall of wire.  Check out our updates page for excess segments.   Maybe we will save you some money on your next project.  

Project Services 

Project quotes, Bill of Materials, Logistics. Our estimating team eagerly awaits your next project. 


"We are serious, these guys spend too much time on the internet.  Please send us your bill of materials" - Management 

We eat doughnuts and know things

We eat, breathe, and dream about electrical products.   You need it, chances are we have it.  We have so much stuff even we don't always know what we have.  When the other guys say "let me call some places to see if they have it" there's a good chance they are calling us while you listen to their hold music.

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